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Vimeo Social Enterprise Stories

Social Enterprise Stories

Incredible stories are taken from Vimeo channel to inspire and give the right motivation for developing social enterprises. Changing the world it is not a hard mission, we can get inspired by this fabulous stories.

Ciclo de Cambio (Cycle of Change)

Moved by the lack of opportunity for women and youth in her community in El Salvador, Reina Molino ventures to Guatemala to study Bici-maquinas—bicyclepedal-power technology. Leaving everything she knows behind, Reina embarks on an inspiring journey of self-empowerment and problem-solving. Through Bici-Tec, Reina seeks to find her life purpose and change the lives of people in her community.


Syria, Yemen, Mali, Afghanistan – countries with extraordinary craftsmanship – have been isolated from global markets by war and insecurity. Regardless of the quality of their craftsman’s work, very few Europeans have had the chance to see their products first hand. We want to change this. By teaming up with top international designers, NGOs ateliers, we have brought together a first collection from Afghanistan. Your contribution will allow us to get our business off the ground.


Luc Berlin, Josh Fester and John Pavlick are the men behind Miigle+, a tech enterprise that generates awareness for ethical shopping by providing consumers with an online platform for doing exactly that. With the aim of turning consumerism into ‘cause-sumerism’, Berlin urges people to celebrate (and buy from) socially conscious and environmentally friendly brands. THAT is our vision of cause-sumerism (not consumerism). Spending YOUR money in ways that match your social and environmental values. We are building the technology that makes it all easier for you conscious consumerism.