Areas of activities


In the area of the development of SMEs, the Centre supports the increasing of competitiveness among businesses through the business promotion, auditing of the company readiness for innovation, business planning and marketing, investment plan, export promotion and management of human resources, finding business opportunities. The Centre, delivers the consultancy service for companies or local authorities interested to apply for funds, grants or projects in the field of investment or regional development, employment, specific industry, etc. It delivers training on specific thematic such as project proposal writing, project management implementation, business planning for start-ups snd management of human resources.


In the area of entrepreneurship promotion and entrepreneurship learning, the Centre has concentrated its works in two folds: firstly, by entrepreneurship learning in the formal and informal educational systems through implementation of the projects in school and universities. Also, the Centre aims to stimulate and develop entrepreneurial spirit at new entrepreneurs and the consolidated businesses in their commitments by providing training, exchange programmes, coaching and other support actions.

Development of the hospitality and tourism industry

In the area of development of the hospitality and tourism industry, the Centre offers support and consultancy in hotel management, destination development, tourism promotion on the specific areas, development of rural and family tourism, agro-tourism, etc.

Also, the Centre has expertise in conducting training with modular programmes for hotels related to the management aspects, services, working procedures, human resource management, marketing and sales, hotel policies, etc.

Development of the vocational educational training

In the area of the development of the vocational educational training, the Centre offers for teachers, on methodologies and practices for incitement of entrepreneurial skills and orientation on the job world, as cross-curricular skills. Also, it contributes in preparation of modular programmes for secondary general education, improvement on the curricula programmes for short-term courses on area of hotel and tourism


In the area of promotion of youth employment, the Centre in cooperation with other foundations and international organisations operating in this field, has contributed in conducting studies, and giving recommendations for better improvement of the youth position on different communities aiming at increasing the chances for employment. the Centre provides to youth, training on carrier development and knowing of the labour world, improvement their knowledge and skills adaptable with the skills required in labour market.


In the area of improvement and empowering of social and economic status for women,the Centre a special focus has concentrated in providing opportunities for development of women, even not only to those involved in business, but also to women of rural areas through development of family tourism, improvement of quality of life in their own family environment, as well as the young girls not pursuing high schools or just graduated in order to confidently lead on labour market.

Culture Heritage

The Centre has supported the revitalization of the old traditional products and costumes through the inherit the tradition to the young generations, training and valorize them to give the market value.


In the area of institutional aspects, the Centre has supported the Albanian government in self-assessment of readiness of the private sector in planning of financial assistance for Albania through IPA II (2014-2020).

The Centre’s experts have also been committed in the institutional support along the installation of the national innovation systems, studies, training need assessment for governmental institutions, reporting on SME policies in Albania, etc.