Project Details

Some of the main activities of the project are:

  • Identification of Civil Society Organisations to Develop Social Enterprises in Albania.
  • Training of CSOs interested to initiate their social enterprises initiatives.
  • Financial support for the best social enterprises/cooperatives ideas.
  • Support through coaching programme on management issues

The project is encouraging and supporting the Civil Society Organisations-CSOs considering the development of social enterprises and collective cooperatives. It will ensure the financial stability of their activities and contribute for the development of the Albanian economy and social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

In summary, this project on one side will contribute in developing social enterprises in Albania as a good opportunity for introducing a new business model for economic empower mostly for vulnerable groups and disadvantaged areas all over the country. On the other side, the project will contribute for the creation of financial stability of the CSOs in Albania. The development of cooperative structures, social enterprises is a new source for sustain funding of the CSOs’ activities.

The project will try to target the concerns:

Firstly, small organizations in Albania are facing difficulties in fundraising due to their limited capacities in human capital and incompetence. Also, some CSO’s are established in a rural area in community-based and their possibility for sustainable working is difficult. This project will target directly these organisations by embracing the concept of social entrepreneurship and Develop Social Enterprises in Albania.

Secondly, Albania is facing strong social problems from the high percentage of unemployment, especially among the young people. They come from poor families and rural areas where possibilities for employment are small. Migration of population caused the lack of some traditional or hand-made works and values, which the project focus to address.

The target groups

The project has in focus the associations established on the base of community, industry, organisations addressing social problems. These are grass root organisations, association of rural women or farmers, especially CSOs supporting youth and women in urban and rural areas, as well as CSOs supporting marginalised groups, trafficking women, Roma and Egyptian communities, etc.

The final beneficiaries

Final beneficiaries are the CSOs’ target groups such as marginalized group of people coming from poor families, unemployment women and youth, young mother and women in rural areas, orphans, trafficking young women, persons with disabilities.