BalkanMed E-Business Pages

  • The project’s main goal is to enhance the competitiveness of exporting SMEs in the BalkanMed region through transnational collaboration. Additionally, the partners are brought together with the aim to increase the internationalization capacity and competitiveness of the local enterprises. The common goal leads to better results and creation of synergies. It is crucial to adopt a transnational approach in overcoming territorial challenges and utilize national experiences from the eligible areas. Moreover, the project will enable collaborations of representatives from the five partner countries which will:

    • Facilitate the exchange of good practices

    •  Establishment of partnerships and creation of business networks which will certainly contribute to building SMEs’ capacity.

    • Enhancing their effectiveness and improving the quality of offered products and services.

  • The project implementation will result in a new platform and tools for transnational business cooperation which are unique for the BalkanMed E-Business Pages region. It will open up new opportunities for integrated regional development and collaboration. The project completion will contribute to enhancing SMEs’ competitiveness,  provide more employment and business opportunities and establish conditions for local communities to benefit from the created added value.

  • The main results of the project are:
    • BalkanMed E-Business Pages platform providing information on exporting SMEs companies’ associations and clusters in the BalkanMed region.
    • Four informative and giving practical advice tools in support of SMEs’ competitiveness.
    • Five seminars with representatives of the business – one in each partner country.

The project’s main output will be the elaborated web platform which will contribute to the economic development in the eligible areas and will encourage cooperation between the economic operators in the involved countries.