EEN Albania



Duration: 28 months, March 2022- June 2025.


The European Programme: Single Market Programme (SMP) supports the Project Enterprise Europe Network. For Albania, the winning consortium to implement the project Enterprise Europe Network (EEN-ALBANIA) consists of these organizations:

  1. Center for the Promotion of Competitiveness (Coordinator)
  2. The Women’s Economic Chamber (Affiliated Partner)
  3. Tirana Regional Development Agency (Partner)
  4. Durrës Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Partner) and
  5. National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation, (Associated partner)

The project underpins the integrated basic services and advanced advisory services, based on a detailed analysis of the needs facing Albanian SMEs. The project creates synergy between the team consisting of in-house consultancy with the reputed experts in the Albanian market and the pool of external experts available for the specific area of digitalization, sustainable business solutions, experts of energy efficiency are circular economy, considering the “no-wrong door” principle, implementing the client-centric approach, using a structured business model where the concept of hub and spoke can function.

The consortium creates balance, complements and reflects an efficient service delivery in business, innovation and technology transfer, closing gaps in required expertise. The target groups are Albanian SMEs and Network clients with a high potential for growth and innovation and the potential to internalize in a Single Market. Links with the innovation ecosystem to support the IT sector and tourism, agro-processing, and agriculture for internationalization are the ambitions. A well-structured communication plan aims to strengthen the EEN brand, the ENN Promotion and Visibility among SMEs, stakeholders and other Network partners.