3d Partner Meeting of Balkan Med e-BP

3d Partner Meeting of Balkan Med e-BP

furthermore3d Partner Meeting of Balkan Med e-BP

Center for Competitiveness Promotion was part of the 3d Partner Meeting of Balkan Med e-BP that took place in Limassol, Cyprus. All partners from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, and Albania discussed the:

Creation of e-Business Database and Web Platform

HRDA made a presentation of the platform and its functionalities, e.g. registration, information shown from companies profile, etc. Also, the partners discussed the researchers’ progress for the collection of information and the database they are creating. Partner discuss the new legislation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Partners raised many issues regarding the way need the partners to get 

the approval of companies to publish their information. Partners agreed to speak with their researcher contractors and move on accordingly.

Tools for SMEs’ Competitiveness

Defining the methodology 


Partners discussed some logistics for the forthcoming seminars in each country. There was a brainstorming discussion amongst the partners regarding the organization of the events. Partners agreed that it would be better for the first day to have presentations and the second day to be dedicated to B2B meetings. Furthermore, the theme of this series of the seminar was agreed to be horizontal, rather than sartorial/specific, in order to attract more entrepreneurs. partners had a different set-up for the seminar to be held in their country and they will send a draft proposal for the theme of their events by the end of July.

Project Management

Partners discussed for the Reporting Period 2 which is the timeframe from January 2018 to June 2018, with costs estimation.


Partners discussed the latest updates regarding their communication responsibilities in the 3d Partner Meeting of Balkan Med e-BP.